Skaggz was the first mate of the [[Northstar]] a transport ship from [[Fallcrest]]. Upon docking on the [[Maruka islands]] he ship was assaulted by a tribe of pygmies and many lives were lost. He was lucky to sneak away into a tunnel while they were busy with some of the other crew, however he was unfortunate enough to fall prey to a giant spider living beyond the tunnel. After being saved by the adventurer’s he offers them his expertise within the dungeon as he was given an unfinished map of the dungeon and believe he knows the way to the idol which he seeks.

Skaggz has dealt with many Orcs in his lifetime and it has never ended well so upon hearing the Orc, Gorbazz, offering his help to the adventurers, he firmly believes that this Orc is trying to mislead them and will save anything to spare his own life and lead them all astray.


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