The Chronicles of Volara

Bombardment of The Hall

Monsters Slayed: 23

While enjoying a visit to Fallcrest a local dwarf armorer named Teldorthan Goldcap enlisted the services of The Peacocks. He asked that they retrieve a cured green dragon hide that was stolen when a tribe of Kobolds ransacked a wagon destined for the town. In return he will give you 200 gold pieces.

Happy to find work they eagerly accept the offer and traverse fifteen miles from Fallcrest into the wilderness and discover ruins of a once sprawling manor now known as “Kobold Hall” . Inside the keep they find a trapdoor at the base of an old guard tower and descend into the hall.

They enter and discover a guardroom, a long trench filled with a glowing green substance runs through the middle of the room. In the shadows they can make out a small reptilian humanoid figure. Noticing them as well he shouts “Intrudersss! Intrudersss!” The peacocks have little issue decimating the opposition.

In the next room there is a makeshift altar to Tiamat upon it they find a small bag holding 60 gold pieces, an offering to the evil dragon god. A troublesome door obstructs the peacocks plans and they have to make difficult decisions in order to deal with it. Malakai takes lead and climbs up over the wall but becomes the quarry of all monsters above and he quickly falls to their attacks but not before taking a couple down with him. John Spartan must now also make the climb or else his companion shall face certain death, he manages to stabilize Malakai and while back on his feet Malakai finishes off the last of the monsters in the room by throwing his own fecal matter at a Kobold minion humiliating it to death no doubt.

In the next room a giant boulder hurtles towards the group but they are quick thinkers and move to higher ground forthwith. However taking higher ground comes at a price and that price is Malakai once again taking a fall from the Kobold wyrmpriest’s unrelenting energy orb assault. John Spartan Once again saves the day and refreshed from a near death experience Malakai leads the charge and they annihilate the horde that resides in the room. A search of the Wyrmpriest garners an enchant on a Greataxe which Malakai happily wields, a small silver key is found that opens a secret door across the room.

Opening the door they follow a long, winding passage down and down into the earth. They enter a large cavern, the air is unnaturally cold and in the center of the room is a large pool of frozen dark water. Suddenly from behind a pillar Szartharraz emerges he is a young white dragon. The dragon had been demanding tribute from his loyal kobold servants which drove the kobolds to the attacks on the caravans and raids nearby settlements in the last few weeks. Although very tough the dragon was no match for the peacocks and was struck down by a short sword to the heart by Zoey. A story she loves to brag about to anyone who will listen to this day.

A treasure chest in the cavern contains the dragon hide they were hired to find and 100 gold pieces, a pearl worth 20 gp and a +1 lifedrinker longsword which Zoey looted.


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